Avoid These 4 Errors When Selecting A B2B E-Commerce Platform

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The potential in the B2B e-commerce is attracting a large number of investors. Each webpreneur and entrepreneur is salivating to have a slice of the $1.1 trillion revenue pie. For this reason, a rush is taking place in the online arena. Webpreneurs are ditching their B2C stores for the B2B ones. Others are adding a B2B feature and tweaking their sites to accommodate it.

As a new webpreneur, your desire might be focusing on this niche. Hence, you need a B2B e-commerce platform that will enable you to make a click and be a step ahead of your competitors. If this is your dream, you must dodge the mistakes of your predecessors in the platform selection process. Here are some of the errors you need to avoid:

Ignoring scalability

Growth is the primary objective of any business. Be it online or offline, wholesale or retail, your desire is to grow your sales and reach out to more customers. When considering taking your B2B investment into the online arena, it is essential to assess how the B2B e-commerce platform of choice aligns with your business goals.

One of the mistakes many newbies make is ignoring scalability. They do not check how the site will behave in case they receive more sales than expected or in the future when their business grows. As such, web crashing during high seasons become their usual occurrences. To avoid such issues, always give priority to scalability before subscribing to a platform.

Not considering the setup and maintenance costs

B2B e-commerce platform providers are in business. Thus, they offer customers wooing and attractive prices without disclosing the maintenance and setup costs. Upon subscribing to the offer, the reality dawns on you. You discover that the price of maintaining your B2B site is almost double the revenue you are generating from it. As a webpreneur, you should not fall prey to such offers. Before saying yes to one, ensure you have taken time in assessing the costs involved. Always remember that costs limit your profitability. Hence, your platform of choice should be cost-efficient.

Failing to prioritize security

You do not need any tech skill to know about the online threats facing e-commerce arena. Also, it is your role to protect your customers’ data. Most newbies follow fantasy and web design offered to them and forget to check the security features that the B2B e-commerce platform is offering. You need to avoid this by ensuring your platform of choice is PCI and PA-DSS compliant.

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